The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc.
40 Dimock Street, Roxbury, MA 02119, United States

The planning events for METCO moved at a rapid pace. Already exhausted by organizational demands in the spring of 1966, METCO administrators faced an even more demanding schedule over the summer months. With the school year ending in late June, 220 students had to be selected to enter the seven suburban districts in September. On the first day, To everyone’s relief, the first day went smoothly and was uneventful in the other six communities. Only a few students had missed their buses, or the buses had missed them.

Ruth Batson recalls,
“We waited anxiously as the buses headed back to the city to end METCO’s first day. My heart was heavy with both fear and excitement. I could not relax until each student was home safely. At 5:30 p.m., with no calls from parents and all students accounted for, I walked up Humboldt Avenue from the METCO office, and turned the corner onto Ruthven Street to my home. We had made it through the first day.”