The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc.
40 Dimock Street, Roxbury, MA 02119, United States

From our Executive Director, Dr. Jean McGuire

“METCO depends upon all of us working together.  Develop your leadership as parents, share responsibility and information and work for real change by helping METCO and its participating communities reach the goals planned in 1966.  Any activity that does not allow your participation in its governance should be viewed as unworthy of your time.  METCO must have YOUR PARTICIPATION to help your children to learn and achieve.  What is important and successful for you, will be important to them.  They are why you are involved.  PASS IT ON!”

Plan your child’s basic curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade with your child’s teacher, guidance counselor and METCO coordinator/director.  Know your child’s achievement level in all areas at all times.  Obtain a copy of your child’s permanent cumulative record every year.

Support your METCO parent group, school Parent Teachers Organization (PTO), Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and contribute to the scholarship and campership fund drives.  Attend at least one school committee meeting for your suburban school district.

Take your child(ren) to your Boston Public Library branch every month and have them take advantage of your suburban school library.

Acquaint yourself and become involved in our Parent Education Component (Student Services Department).

Be sure to complete your annual Continuation Process at METCO, Inc. between February and March.

Read your METCO newsletter, METCO correspondence and the Legislative Alert.

Meet once a year with two state representatives and two state senators before March.  Talk about METCO.

This is a public school program funded by your state taxes.  Insist that your taxes work for your children’s education.

Teach your child(ren) to swim.  Their life may one day depend on it.

All parents and students over 18 who are citizens should be registered voters who vote in elections.  Even if you are not a citizen and cannot vote yet, you should support the elected officials who help METCO and public education.

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