The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc.
40 Dimock Street, Roxbury, MA 02119, United States

“Education is what remains after you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned in School” --Albert Einstein

METCO is on the move. We celebrate 50 years of service to students who have benefited from METCO Inc and our program. Poised to enter our second highly successful half-century of existence, we especially applaud the parents of these bright, young leaders of tomorrow, who have been instrumental in effecting change and have worked tirelessly with METCO to ensure children in our community get the education due them. 

METCO is the second oldest and, most formidable voluntary school desegregation program in the country. It was an experiment that worked. Or as better stated by Gerard Robinson, Chairman Black Alliance for Educational Options Action Fund, “METCO was a parent-led initiative in 1965, and in 2015 it is a parent- demanded initiative."

10,000 black, brown, white, urban, suburbanites, parents demanding equal access to quality public school educations, led it in 1963. In 2017, 51 years and three generations later these same grand, and great parents are demanding an end to achievement gaps, and the statewide elimination of all racially imbalanced and racially isolated schools.

The past 50 years has shown progress, and we will continue with our efforts to provide quality education to our children. We've been working for you since 1966, and we appreciate the years of growth together as a community of educators, parents, students and legislators. The most important investment we'll ever make is in the education of our youth of. METCO works!